Sunday, December 19, 2010

All things Vintage Deco!

Hey there! Usually I would say sorry for not blogging for some time and then I would often apologize for being busy, but this time there are no excuses. Yes, I am always busy, but I can make time to write at least a little. SO I will try harder :)

WINTER BREAK!! I have been on break for some time now and have been happily exercising my ability to sleep in. I sure am good at it! Other activities include eating, watching the T.v, and using the computer.

Today I have piled up a few vintage finds on etsy. For me it is like eye candy...I love the vintage look.

Owls, owls, and more owls. Woodland creatures have been really popular lately. For sale by:

These super cute birthday candle holders are just adorable! I saw them among other vintage figurine listings and had to take a look.
LaCasaMonina has many other vintage items to choose from. Take a look!

I know someone will put these colorful blocks to good use! You can spell something and use it as decoration.

speaks for its self :)

bluebirdheaven creates wonderful shelving space out of printer drawers. It is great for someone with cute jewels to display.

Another drawer that can be used as a shelving unit. Great way to use old drawers and create stylish organizers! By:

ThePerfektionist has a cute set of lotus bowls!! I think the reason I love these lotus bowls so much is because they make such a pretty flower when you put them all together. I actually saw a whole bunch of these at salvation army for about one dollar a piece....Never will I see that many at a thrift store :( should have gotten them.

A paint scratched, dented, bent, dirty looking Pepsi crate...what more could you ask for?! It gives it character and it would make a lovely planter :)

Thanks for reading!!

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