Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A lil bit of me...Flickr

It's an illusioooon. ;)

Hey there! Hows everyone's sumer?? Enjoying the weather? Staying crafty? :D

Look!! It's honey girl! My sisters little chihuahua. She loves to run around unleashed. She goes crazy sometimes where she will just run and run around's so cute.

Just the other day early in the morning while at a friends house we received a call from a neighbor saying that they were going to have another alpaca baby. They invited us over to see the birth but we got their just after. The baby is so cute! so precious. Chelsea Farms is a well known alpaca farm loaded with champion bloodlines and superb alpaca fibers. Not only are the alpacas such great animals but their owners Beth and Randy are fun people to be around. They truly love their animals and treat them well.

This beautiful butterfly was found on the road while I was biking my dog. It couldn't fly so i took it home and after i took pictures i put it on a bush and in the morning it was gone.

AnimatedCupcakes custom listing was of safari animals which I supplied and she made these wonderful cupcakes!!

Have Fun. Stay Safe

Friday, July 16, 2010

Recent Interests...Felting!

This little bunny comes in a kit sold by MeMeCraftwork So does this little sheep...

My new project is exploring Felt and all that I can make with it. Im so excited because they are so cute and it looks like fun!!...just not looking forward to stabbing my fingers :/
My mom just learned how to crochet so now she can make felted bags!! yay!!

OoOh and i watched a video on youtube on how to make wet felted bracelets..its sooo fun :D

Striped Bag by JaxVintageStudio

Pretty Blue bag by Shanineal

Unique shoes by ing00te

Slippers by Grazim

Felted bracelet By 3FUN

Bangles By Kjoo

There are so many possibilities with Felt!! It's Fun and Fashionable!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Lovin

This sumer I told myself that I didn't want to be bored and stay home doing nothing. So i try to figure out ways to keep busy. Of course there's always a need to make more stars :) But recently Ive had this new thing for vintage cameras..... you gotta LOVE goodwill. I found some old camera lenses that still work at goodwill for about 5 dollars a piece. I then looked up on ebay how much they were and found one lens that was going for 30! So my recent discoveries at goodwill are making me ich for more.

When I know im not doing anything or really don't have anything planned then I go to Cj's and go horseback riding. My Passion! I love LOVE love it! :D I ride a horse named Keize and she is about 11 years old. She is so wonderful!!

MMMM Seattle on sunny summer days...see its not always raining!! haha
MMM Baklava

Iknow Avas loving the sunny means shes outside playing :D


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