Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beginners Collection

My goodness I have been so busy lately I can't wait for winter break! Im soo super excited... my aunt and her family is flying from Hawaii to surprise my dad for his birthday :D shhh it's a secret. Hopefully there is enough snow in the mountains to go snowboarding. It will be a blast.

Lately I can't seem to stop my thrifty shopping at goodwill and value village. I have been lucky to find these awesome cameras at goodwill for under 15 dollars!! :D Whenever I go thrifty shopping I go straight to the electronics to find some cool cameras. Then I look at the bags, figurines, and then clothes. Makes me want to open my own vintage shop. Hah!

My collection all started last summer when I visited Hawaii. My aunt gave me a huge black leather case with four cameras in it. I was so super excited because I knew I wanted to take photography sometime. When I got home I found myself going to goodwill and finding cameras. It is now a hobby. I have to find shelves to display my hobby now.

Next quarter I start photography 101 an I can't wait! I have no clue how to use a 35mm this will be interesting and fun at the same time.

This nikon was given to my by my aunt

This little Minolta I got for half off .. $1.00 It just has a different look to it.
I have never seen this kind of camera!! It's an Ansco Flash Clipper and it came with it's original leather case. I bought it at value village for $10
Kodak pony!! So cute this camera. I found it with it's original case at the Seattle Goodwill for $12
My baby...the Asahi Pentax K2. My aunt also gave me this one. I have to go get it fixed though.
Look! A 420 Polaroid Automatic Land Camera! With a case, manual, and flash. All for $12 at the Seattle Goodwill.
This is the Kodak Duraflex II with a flash! Also found at the Seattle Goodwill.

So fun! Good luck thrifty shopping!!


  1. Nice collection of cameras, I have a niece that also collects camera.

  2. Cool cameras! You're a great photographer with lotsa star-quality promise! I mean it! You go, Ka Ching Gurl! love u, Auntie B



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