Saturday, October 30, 2010

Photoshop Banners

Woohoo it took me 10 minutes to make this lol

The shop was in need of a new banner. The other one was kinda crowded :/ I hope this one looks alright! Along the way I'll be making more :D

How did I do that without spending any money!!?

1.) Create a new file and set the height to 100 and width to 760.... {pixels}

2.) Create a new text

3.) Look up photoshop brushes online

4.) Pick a brush you think matches the theme of your store... Below I picked a texture brush for the background

5.) Go to photoshop and click on the brush tool on the side bar.
You will then see a bar on the top left where you can change the brush seen in the photo below

6.) Download the brush

7.) And wahlah! you can now use the brushes for your banner!

8.) Wanna add a picture? Open up a new document by going to File ... open... then choose your photo.

9.) Open the Photo you want to use and select the magnetic lasso tool.

10.) With this tool you can select part of the photo. In my case I only want to select the lamb. With the lasso tool start by clicking one point and drag the tool around the object.

The object should be highlighted

11.) Then paste on your banner!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Senior Season!

I started with one friend and then it led to 11 more hahaha!! more practice for me. As long as they are happy with happy :D

I used the materials I had available... what I wanted to use tho was a vivitar flash and a reflector :/ i used the silver side of my circular car shade...but it wasn't strong enough : (


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