Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beginners Collection

My goodness I have been so busy lately I can't wait for winter break! Im soo super excited... my aunt and her family is flying from Hawaii to surprise my dad for his birthday :D shhh it's a secret. Hopefully there is enough snow in the mountains to go snowboarding. It will be a blast.

Lately I can't seem to stop my thrifty shopping at goodwill and value village. I have been lucky to find these awesome cameras at goodwill for under 15 dollars!! :D Whenever I go thrifty shopping I go straight to the electronics to find some cool cameras. Then I look at the bags, figurines, and then clothes. Makes me want to open my own vintage shop. Hah!

My collection all started last summer when I visited Hawaii. My aunt gave me a huge black leather case with four cameras in it. I was so super excited because I knew I wanted to take photography sometime. When I got home I found myself going to goodwill and finding cameras. It is now a hobby. I have to find shelves to display my hobby now.

Next quarter I start photography 101 an I can't wait! I have no clue how to use a 35mm this will be interesting and fun at the same time.

This nikon was given to my by my aunt

This little Minolta I got for half off .. $1.00 It just has a different look to it.
I have never seen this kind of camera!! It's an Ansco Flash Clipper and it came with it's original leather case. I bought it at value village for $10
Kodak pony!! So cute this camera. I found it with it's original case at the Seattle Goodwill for $12
My baby...the Asahi Pentax K2. My aunt also gave me this one. I have to go get it fixed though.
Look! A 420 Polaroid Automatic Land Camera! With a case, manual, and flash. All for $12 at the Seattle Goodwill.
This is the Kodak Duraflex II with a flash! Also found at the Seattle Goodwill.

So fun! Good luck thrifty shopping!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Prime? Number? What?

This is exactly how I felt as I took my SAT's a couple weeks ago. -_ - There was a lot of common sense questions, but I think because it was early on a saturday my brain was not functioning right. I took the SAT's two times and thankfully my scores improved. I'm still average now, but hey I did better. Now it's time to finish my college applications! Woop woop!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Freaking Fabulous Fashion Finds

Can't go wrong with another cardigan!! I love them

I love these boots...maybe because I'm an english rider myself :D

Cute cute cute.... Who says you can't wear a skirt during fall!! It's the perfect fall color...just wear them with leggings.

So fashionable ;)

For some reason Green has been my new color! I'm starting to pick out more greens :D

I have a pair of shoes like these and I absolutely love them!! The color goes great with a lot of outfits.

OOOh Faux Fur coat! I love the grey color along with the pink inside!!! SOOOOO cute..i want it
Reminds me of a teddy bear

Another blazer that I think is a must.

Have fun! Stay Fashionable ;D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trying to be a Strobist!?

  • Guide Number
    120-ISO 100ft. / 36-DIN 21m
  • Auto Range
    3-70ft. / 1-21.3m
  • Flash Duration (Auto)
    1/1000 - 1/30000sec
  • Flash Duration (Manual)
  • Vertical Illumination Angle
  • Horizontal Illumination Angle
  • Color Temperature
  • Connections
    Hot Shoe, Shutter Cord
  • Weight (without batteries)
  • Dimensions
    100mm(W) x 130mm (H) x 105mm (D)
After taking all those senior portraits without a flash and only relying on good light from the weather, I knew it would star raining soon. I was right! So my solutions was to find a good flash that is not only cheap but a good bang for the buck. With a little research I found nikon flashes that were excellent, but it did not meet my criteria! They are so expensive...well for me anyway. It did not take me long to find a cheaper flash that I could buy for $50 on Ebay. The Vivitar 285hv! I searched and watched many flashes on Ebay with no luck in winning any bid :( For several weeks I watched Ebay and Just two days ago I WON ONE! :D I'm so excited to get my flash! I have several more senior portraits to take including my I'm hoping the flash will be here in time.

I found that many beginner strobists ( a technique using an off camera flash) use the Vivitar and I have read many reviews.

- It's more affordable
- You get more bang for your buck
- Easy to use

-Battery hog unless you have rechargeable batteries

I wan to be able to do this... :D


I just LOVE the soft light it gives portraits... beautiful!!

I love the lighting and how it creates neat shadows and detail.


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