Friday, December 31, 2010

What a Lively Week

Winter break was a blast
it came an went really fast!

We had some special visitors from Hawaii
who came to surprise my dad.
We ate breakfast a few hours after they landed
and wasn't all that bad.

Mom made a new scarf!

Christmas day followed quickly
as we ate and got all sticky.

Greg got a book of man skills :)

We drove the the zoo and aquarium where
we got to ride a camel!
highlight of my night!

Our relatives flew from Hawaii on christmas eve
for my dad's 50th birthday so we had to throw a party.
It was also my aunts birthday so we surprised her!

Of course we had to show them around seattle :D

Their stay was a week too short :/

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Everything Vintage

I know... I am absolutely obsessed with everything vintage :)
I can't stop searching through the many pages of etsy's vintage categories. Sometimes I look for so long that my eyes start to hurt...I should really have a limit to how long I search through those pages.
Here is what I found recently...hope you like it as much as mee ;D

LOVE... All these shoes are so classy and they can be paired with so many outfits.


These boots are a must have this winter

I know I don't wear any pins but I want to after I saw this!

Belts are one of the best accessories out cane dress up any outfit with a belt.

This lamb fur hat is so sweet.

Perfect little black dress!

Another must have for winter... A nice pea coat with a fur collar :D


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Simply my Favorite singer on youtube right now!

Who is your favorite Youtube Singer?? Post a name so i can check it out :)

Cooking With Attitude

I recently started cooking a little, which is kind of odd because I was never into cooking. The first thing on the menu was enchiladas with green sauce. They tasted good, but the best part was the happiness I got out of making something that was not burnt.
As I looked through many yummy looking treats on etsy I came across a few that I just had to share.
Mmmmm Granola bars! And look they are Gluten Free :) shortbreadnyc
Delicious Baklava by DixieDainties If you have never had baklava before you have to try it. It is flakey, sweet, sticky, and just oh soo good.
Doesn't this bar of caramel look yummy? I think I have a sweet tooth! Made by Haveitconfections
Cute, cute, cute! These little cupcakes dipped in chocolate and sprinkles would make a great gift for anyone! Whipped together by Sarandipitysweets

Anyone want to share some good recipes? I am trying to stray away from the usual cooking that my mom other words HELP :D

Sunday, December 19, 2010

All things Vintage Deco!

Hey there! Usually I would say sorry for not blogging for some time and then I would often apologize for being busy, but this time there are no excuses. Yes, I am always busy, but I can make time to write at least a little. SO I will try harder :)

WINTER BREAK!! I have been on break for some time now and have been happily exercising my ability to sleep in. I sure am good at it! Other activities include eating, watching the T.v, and using the computer.

Today I have piled up a few vintage finds on etsy. For me it is like eye candy...I love the vintage look.

Owls, owls, and more owls. Woodland creatures have been really popular lately. For sale by:

These super cute birthday candle holders are just adorable! I saw them among other vintage figurine listings and had to take a look.
LaCasaMonina has many other vintage items to choose from. Take a look!

I know someone will put these colorful blocks to good use! You can spell something and use it as decoration.

speaks for its self :)

bluebirdheaven creates wonderful shelving space out of printer drawers. It is great for someone with cute jewels to display.

Another drawer that can be used as a shelving unit. Great way to use old drawers and create stylish organizers! By:

ThePerfektionist has a cute set of lotus bowls!! I think the reason I love these lotus bowls so much is because they make such a pretty flower when you put them all together. I actually saw a whole bunch of these at salvation army for about one dollar a piece....Never will I see that many at a thrift store :( should have gotten them.

A paint scratched, dented, bent, dirty looking Pepsi crate...what more could you ask for?! It gives it character and it would make a lovely planter :)

Thanks for reading!!


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