Wednesday, April 21, 2010

St Louis Missouri

Another trip
Another weekend
It's all the same

This time the trip was really boring

I went walking around the city and found no stores
I went walking around the city and got bored

NO shopping
NO people
NO Fun
NOT many places to eat
But there sure were a LOT of smokers! even in restaurants! ( im not use to it because its illegal where I live)

We took a cab to the Bundweiser Brewery, took a tour, and watched everyone drink 2 free beers
Of course im not the legal age to drink, so i sat and ate my pretzels and drank my ROOT beer :)

the only life of the city was the baseball games
There was a sea of Red people (cardinals) with a few spots of blue (Mets)

The tickets were free
so we just went to see

The best news I got all week was learning that i just won Talk2thetrees and Paolalovestoshop 's giveaway! :) I was so excited. I was in the airport when i got the message and was so happy.... :D

Ill post some pictures when I receive my beanie and sunglasses.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Missing Those Summer Days

It's been Gloomy where I live and i'm really wishing Summer would come soon!
Hopefully it wont be as hot as last year but i'm thinking it will. Well im ready for it ....I think

Those sunny days where you had to cool off by running in through the cold water...

Those Summer days where cherries are picked fresh daily...

I just keep telling myself... it will come soon enough
I can't wait though because im hoping that we will be able to sell more this summer at the local farmers market and craft fairs. Im excited! I also can't wait for those garage sales!! haha theres so much to do in such a short summer :D

So far this week i have posted two new Items take a look....

Just made these yesterday (they took longer than i expected)...

Pretty Little Flowers

Sweet Sweet Strawberries

ILove you Stars

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Past?

Wow it didn't even feel like it was easter it went by so fast. My family and I had a great dinner and church service on Saturday with the neighbors though :)
Our neighbors cooked some delicious pork and yummy wild rice! the rice had so much taste i think it was the best ever! After dinner we went to church and their son...hahah he was falling asleep but thats the only reason we didn't go in the morning because he would have never woken up hahah :D funny guy
So today was hectic and stressful thats for sure! Most of the day i was on the computer at school trying to finish the yearbook and finish pages that others didn't. Yeah it's difficult but it has to be done.

Get your Peeps yo!
gif maker

I posted a new item today!!! I have given myself a mental note to post something at least once a week :D

Today's post are more individual stars!! They are cream and black with writing and polka dots

iLove You

Hopefully I get enough followers to start the giveaways!! I want to so bad but i need at least 40 people...thats my goal :D
so help me out if you'd like your chance at a free lei!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Pause.

So this year we didnt really have a full spring break due to some teacher strikes earlier this year... its all bad :(
Not much time to do anything... had some fastpitch games
Was on etsy and blogging all weekend.. if you noticed i made some changes :D

I have a long list of things to do
but this is what I did lol

ate chips while chattin it up on etsy making new friends

If you have never eaten "Pops" go out and get a bag! they are sooo good if you liek barbeque chips

I cleaned the Jewelry table!! Before and after!

so basically there was a lot more .. i just didnt take pictures lol

To Do list:
1. Take pictures of more lei's
2. Post an item at least once a week
3. Have a giveaway!
4. Clean my room (definitely)
5. Clean the craft room (for sure)
6. BLOG about it :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

New $15 Lei's Posted!

I'm starting to think that the lei's are too long for some people. Many people in the mainland like to wear them like necklaces (and even call them necklaces) but the lei is supposed to hang in the back and front. So since i see a lot of people wear them with the lei resting on their neck I made them shorter... and MORE affordable :)

I shortened them to 39" instead of 49"
and they are $12

Mellow Yellow

Create Your own Lei


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