Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Graduation Season is around the corner

The best time of year to see shoulders full of lei's! In Hawaii people have so many lei's stacked on their shoulders they can't even see. Now thats what I am expecting this June. Just kidding :D
All graduates blend in when they wear their cap and gown, but if they wear a star lei they are sure to catch attention. Everyone raves about how interesting and cool the star lei's are.

One customer said:

"This was a very special lei, I really liked it and got many compliments about it, thanks for your great work!"

So send us school colors and we can make it happen

Friday, March 4, 2011

Extra Random

Waiting for winter to pass with some hot cocoa. I always imagine myself on a beach in hawaii eating shave ice in the hot sun. So warm with hot sand between your toes and moist air frizzing my hair.

I went to goodwill recently and I can't help but laugh whenever I see these coconut guys. It reminds me of the swap meet in Hawaii.
Oh Ava... my beautiful Ava. She is such a goof.

Looks like everyone wants some White chocolate chip Cookies!!
mmmmmm Yummy

Okay that was a severely random post.... almost as random as my shopping list :)


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