Saturday, September 11, 2010

A little update!

Ive made and BUNCH of new items that i need to post. I'm tryna keep up with posting more frequently and it has helped my sales. Good motivation! haha

My mom and I are trying to come up with a good business name and were having a little trouble :/ Annie M. Designs is our real business name but since we started Etsy we used Made Just For You because AnnieMDesigns was a taken shop name.
So when we make our business cards it's confusing. Were trying to change our name completely.

We were thinking : Katie & Me
What do You think?

i love this bracelet and hopefully you do too :D

Ferguson and His Friendly Fox Friends (sold, But i can make more!)

Mini Mice Munch on Mighty Mints (sold, But i can make more!)

Crazy Cats Claw the Clear Curtain (not yet posted)

Cherished little Chicks Check Charley's Chimney

Krazy Cute Koalas (sold, But i can make more!)

Bubbly Blue Bunnies (about to be posted)

Pretty little Penguins (not yet posted)


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