Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cooking With Attitude

I recently started cooking a little, which is kind of odd because I was never into cooking. The first thing on the menu was enchiladas with green sauce. They tasted good, but the best part was the happiness I got out of making something that was not burnt.
As I looked through many yummy looking treats on etsy I came across a few that I just had to share.
Mmmmm Granola bars! And look they are Gluten Free :) shortbreadnyc
Delicious Baklava by DixieDainties If you have never had baklava before you have to try it. It is flakey, sweet, sticky, and just oh soo good.
Doesn't this bar of caramel look yummy? I think I have a sweet tooth! Made by Haveitconfections
Cute, cute, cute! These little cupcakes dipped in chocolate and sprinkles would make a great gift for anyone! Whipped together by Sarandipitysweets

Anyone want to share some good recipes? I am trying to stray away from the usual cooking that my mom other words HELP :D

1 comment:

  1. AHA HAHAHA...what's wrong with shoyu chicken, lumpia, macaroni & cheese, spam musubi, corn beef cabbage, what else??? hehehe Home cooking! Gotta defend all moms!

    U Go Ka Ching Gurl! Love you! Auntie B



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