Sunday, June 6, 2010

Painter Please Paint me a Picture

Animals are my all time favorite and this Labrador retriever portrait is just fabulous. I love the dark background, it makes the Lab stand out and the shadowing makes this portrait different from all the rest. I Love this portrait painted by JCStilesArt. I wonder How a portrait turn out? :D i'd love one of my AVA.

I love paintings and once i get my own house it's gonna be filled with paintings!! I love original paintings because I like to think that the artist painted on this exact piece of canvas. I like to think of it as pieces of history and antiques because people try to reproduce the original product, so the original product would have more meaning.

Here are a couple more original paintings from esty:

This cute little panda reminds me of my friend. She is a little short like me and has a hard time reaching things up high. She also LOVEs Pandas! haha The colors of this painting are bold and would look great on my wall. Painted by Vireo.

Horses! I can't get enough of them. They are my life and this is a beautiful pastel painting by ZyriFrost. I love the flow of the horses hair and the shiny coat!

Flower paintings are great to hang up in every house. They make the home feel like a cozy home :) These beautiful orange flowers are painted by Kristend12. Great Job Kristen!

Landscapes are one of my favorites!! Especially beaches because they bring me back to my childhood living on the island of Oahu. I could stare at this painting everyday and not get board of it. It's soothing and makes me want to listen to Reggae music. This awesome painting is painted by jbeaudet.

Another Landscape painting that I just Love! Not only do i love the beach but I love the country too. I heard somewhere that when you look at something everyday and know that you will get it one day you actually get it. It motivates you and if this were in my living room id stare at it everyday! haha yes id love to live in the country where the air is fresh and there are no loud neighbors! Painted by Hipchickart.

I Love paintings!!


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