Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Organization Isn't Always Key...well for me

My Craft room has ALWAYS been messy and I have cleaned it soo many times. The one thing I have noticed though is that having a messy desk could sometimes lead to inspiration. Sometimes i just HAVE to have my table cleared but a lot of times I have to see everything I have and then go from there.

Ilove looking at magazines and photos of craft rooms that are just soo clean and perfect. I always tell myself THAT'S what I want. My dream craft room would have a Lot of white shelves and drawers like this one, but not too many or ill just keep buying supplies just to fill it up haha.

These cute bins would make any room a little more cozy. It has colorful poppy flowers made

Cute Little mushroom Clips! Add a little color to drab looking papers :)
Made by edyodeco

To organize for craft fairs I need an apron that has a lot of pockets. I found this one by pockettes on etsy. I love the style but for a vendor i think I would need more smaller storage ... maybe a pocket for money? I think it's just adorable.. simple and professional looking.

A cute little Crochet needle organizer. I need One!! I have so many needles all over the place it's getting out of hand. This one is so cute! I love the lace and texture. Made by atelierdesoyun.

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