Wednesday, April 21, 2010

St Louis Missouri

Another trip
Another weekend
It's all the same

This time the trip was really boring

I went walking around the city and found no stores
I went walking around the city and got bored

NO shopping
NO people
NO Fun
NOT many places to eat
But there sure were a LOT of smokers! even in restaurants! ( im not use to it because its illegal where I live)

We took a cab to the Bundweiser Brewery, took a tour, and watched everyone drink 2 free beers
Of course im not the legal age to drink, so i sat and ate my pretzels and drank my ROOT beer :)

the only life of the city was the baseball games
There was a sea of Red people (cardinals) with a few spots of blue (Mets)

The tickets were free
so we just went to see

The best news I got all week was learning that i just won Talk2thetrees and Paolalovestoshop 's giveaway! :) I was so excited. I was in the airport when i got the message and was so happy.... :D

Ill post some pictures when I receive my beanie and sunglasses.

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