Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Past?

Wow it didn't even feel like it was easter it went by so fast. My family and I had a great dinner and church service on Saturday with the neighbors though :)
Our neighbors cooked some delicious pork and yummy wild rice! the rice had so much taste i think it was the best ever! After dinner we went to church and their son...hahah he was falling asleep but thats the only reason we didn't go in the morning because he would have never woken up hahah :D funny guy
So today was hectic and stressful thats for sure! Most of the day i was on the computer at school trying to finish the yearbook and finish pages that others didn't. Yeah it's difficult but it has to be done.

Get your Peeps yo!
gif maker

I posted a new item today!!! I have given myself a mental note to post something at least once a week :D

Today's post are more individual stars!! They are cream and black with writing and polka dots

iLove You

Hopefully I get enough followers to start the giveaways!! I want to so bad but i need at least 40 people...thats my goal :D
so help me out if you'd like your chance at a free lei!!!

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