Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Pause.

So this year we didnt really have a full spring break due to some teacher strikes earlier this year... its all bad :(
Not much time to do anything... had some fastpitch games
Was on etsy and blogging all weekend.. if you noticed i made some changes :D

I have a long list of things to do
but this is what I did lol

ate chips while chattin it up on etsy making new friends

If you have never eaten "Pops" go out and get a bag! they are sooo good if you liek barbeque chips

I cleaned the Jewelry table!! Before and after!

so basically there was a lot more .. i just didnt take pictures lol

To Do list:
1. Take pictures of more lei's
2. Post an item at least once a week
3. Have a giveaway!
4. Clean my room (definitely)
5. Clean the craft room (for sure)
6. BLOG about it :)

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