Sunday, April 11, 2010

Missing Those Summer Days

It's been Gloomy where I live and i'm really wishing Summer would come soon!
Hopefully it wont be as hot as last year but i'm thinking it will. Well im ready for it ....I think

Those sunny days where you had to cool off by running in through the cold water...

Those Summer days where cherries are picked fresh daily...

I just keep telling myself... it will come soon enough
I can't wait though because im hoping that we will be able to sell more this summer at the local farmers market and craft fairs. Im excited! I also can't wait for those garage sales!! haha theres so much to do in such a short summer :D

So far this week i have posted two new Items take a look....

Just made these yesterday (they took longer than i expected)...

Pretty Little Flowers

Sweet Sweet Strawberries

ILove you Stars

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