Sunday, June 10, 2012

Did It Myself...Geo Necklace

Monkey see monkey do! I saw this cool geo necklace on pinterest and thought.... I can make that!!! I bought all my supplies at Joann for less than $10!!! I used Sculpey Premo clay, which was on sale for about $1.25, black chain, a black clasp, and black jump rings.

Step One.

 Materials include polymer clay, chain, clasp, jump rings, and a skewer or needle (to make a hole).

Step Two.
Cut clay into cubes using either a knife or fishing line. 

 Step Three.
Use something to cut the cube into a geo shape. I used a scrapbook spatula/scraper if that makes sense. It's a flat thin surface excellent for cutting. 

This is what my beads look like. It's kind of hard to make a crisp cut without rounding the edges.

Step Four.
 Take your skewer or needle and make a hole large enough to fit your chain through.

Step Five.
Bake your clay! Read the directions for the brand of clay you have. I have sculpey premo and baked it for 30 min at 275 degrees. 

Step Six.
Thread the chain through each bead.

Step Seven.
 Cut your chain to the desired length and add clasp and jump ring.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I would love to hear your comments!


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