Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy As A Bee

I'm either off to the post office, home depot, second hand building materials, or goodwill. As you have probably noticed I have posted a few DIY projects and I am in the process of more as well as fixing the house. So! This means I have been so busy and I like it because I wouldn't want my summer to be boring!
I am searching for nice kitchen cabinets for the cheap on either craigslist or the second hand store and boy are they hard to find! My parents have a very tiny kitchen, which they like because they don't need a lot of space. While I try to find cabinets I am also working on moving my mom's craft room into a larger room (my room). The room she is in now is sooo tiny and because I'm now in school I don't need a room anymore. So the small room her crafts are in now, will be turned into the guest bedroom. I'll post before and after photos for sure!! It's gonna be awesome even if it takes a month!! (:

As I watch the news I just have to share PabLove with you. They raise money to buy cameras for young children with cancer. 

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