Saturday, May 26, 2012

Out of a Deep Sleep.

Hello again!
  Blogging is back on track after my first year of college. During my first year I felt my inspiration was being blocked off by facts and numbers that I needed to memorize. The creative side of my brain started turning and I felt a need to blog! There is so much that has been tucked away in the nooks of my brain that there is an overload. Over the past year im sure many of you have heard of Pinterest. IM HOOKED. It's so handy... especially when friends pin and you know what to get them. I love the DIY, home decor, garden, and style boards. There are so many cool tricks that you can find on that site it's unbelievable!!

The etsy shop has a new look now if you haven't seen. I updated the banner! The photo is of our new stars that will be posted soon! They have a pink foil in the shape of the breast cancer ribbon.

What do you think?

See you later

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