Saturday, August 21, 2010

VIsiting Family

Crazy Cousins
It was her birthday
Waiola Shave ice is the best!!

Hey everyone! Just got home from a three week vacation in Hawaii. I had a great time ...most of it shopping haha. I really didnt go to the beach much but I still got a little tan :)
Out of all my shopping the best store had to have been the Bead Gallery in Ward... It is theeeee best bead store ever!! All the beads are gorgeous and the owners travel all over the world to find the best beads. It was kind of a bummer because we could only stay for 30 min. and I didnt even get to see half he store.

My Uncle Loves birds and breeds em! He has a bird house just for them! He was gone for a week so I had to take care of them... wow it takes a lot of time....three times a day!
Almost looks like paper
Maverick ...the bear of a dog :D hes so awesome and huge! I love him... I wish I could bring him home....but nooooooo my parents wont let me have another dog. Boo :(
Waikiki...then I got sick :/

Tad Manley :) looks chinese

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