Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall is Near!

The sunny days and warm weather is almost coming to an end as we wrap up summer, start school, and see everyone wearing boots! Pretty soon the leaves will start falling and it's time to look for a Halloween costume! Be prepared to see a whole bunch of vintage clothing being worn because this fall's fashion is going back in time.

A couple of 2010 Fall's trends:
Strong silhouette's
Fur..please go faux :)
Menswear inspired suiting and outerwear

Look What I found on Etsy!!

Seemss like everyone needs a leather Jacket nowadays! They Look great and they go with many outfits.

The padded shoulders are making a comeback! Menswear is a big thing in todays trends.

A small waistline is cute!

I lalalove this plaid shirt! The colors are cute and look at the collar! it's got lace :) You can't go wrong with a plaid shirt!

Ruffles ruffles and more ruffles! So cute!

It's a white can you go wrong?

I heard nude is an in color this fall.

Okay I love the feeling of real rabbit fur but everyone hates the thought they are wearing cute little bunnies. My mom always told me not to buy something made of real fur because your supporting the company that makes it...When you think about it we wear cows..why doesn't anyone complain about wearing leather? Most likely because they aren't cute and cuddly but still it's not like rabbits are gonna go extinct. Anyway this is a vintage coat and because your not buying it from the company i thinks it's fine.

A cute top to wear with jeans or a cute skirt and chunky belt!

More ruffles! hahah Except it's a dress!! I can see someone wearing it with a nice warm coat and some boots ;)

A causal tank top that would look awesome with that black jacket or blazer. So cute!

Another sweater to keep you warm and looking cute. It has a little more detail then the white sweater which I love!

Hope everyones having a great time! Go do your fall shopping and let me know if you found some amazing deals on vintage clothing!! I love a good deal :) It's funny because when I was younger I hated shopping. I thought it was so boring and I couldn't wait to leave. Well I was more of a tomboy. tehe

Thanks for reading! Next time I will post All SHOES :)


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