Friday, July 16, 2010

Recent Interests...Felting!

This little bunny comes in a kit sold by MeMeCraftwork So does this little sheep...

My new project is exploring Felt and all that I can make with it. Im so excited because they are so cute and it looks like fun!!...just not looking forward to stabbing my fingers :/
My mom just learned how to crochet so now she can make felted bags!! yay!!

OoOh and i watched a video on youtube on how to make wet felted bracelets..its sooo fun :D

Striped Bag by JaxVintageStudio

Pretty Blue bag by Shanineal

Unique shoes by ing00te

Slippers by Grazim

Felted bracelet By 3FUN

Bangles By Kjoo

There are so many possibilities with Felt!! It's Fun and Fashionable!

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