Saturday, March 27, 2010

lei's for a Good Cause!

This is Benjamin... a few days ago his owners brought him to Melissa holding him like a rag doll in front of them gesturing her to take him. All they could say was "Bite, Bite, Bite" they did not speak english. He now needs a new haircut and a loving home.

So there is a dog club that I joined a couple months ago called K9 Northwest. The lady who runs it is named Melissa and she rescues and trains dogs. She takes in a lot of "hard to handle" or aggressive dogs. Melissa is a miracle worker and she loves every dog that she takes in. She has dogs assessed and put into a foster home until she can find a permanent home for them. There is no dog she can't train. She gives these dogs respect and really knows how to handle them. It is truly amazing what she does. She has helped improve my training with my dog and we are both very happy about it.

Not only does she help dogs, but she helps people too. A dog that has been adopted becomes the owners best friend and will always be loyal to them. Melissa is also a service and guide dog trainer! She helps others by training guide and service dogs. Without the help of donations this program would not be available and many people would be without this kind of service.

Thats where i step in. She is a dog rescuer and she has been invited to be apart of PetsMart's adoption days. They have invited her to show her adoptable dogs at their events but she has to have a 501 C3 status. To have that status she needs to come up with $850 she doesn't have. SO for every Lei you buy THIS MONTH a $5 dollar donation will go towards this cause. With your permission your name will be added to a list of people that have helped me achieve this goal and posted on this blog.

Please feel free to ask any questions or give donations. Thank you very much for reading I appreciate it a lot

To your right is an akita named Tora and he killed livestock. His owner, Gloria, loves him very much and did everything she knew possible to help him, including paying popular trainers to help fix her problem. She went to dog whisperer Cesar Milan but he said the dog could never be trained and suggested it be put down. She Moved on and many trainers were unsuccessful.Gloria's last hope was K9 North West located in Washington state. She found a trainer that told her Kiko was very trainable and got started right away. Improvements were seen and now he is a happy dog that does not eat Gloria's livestock. Gloria now goese to dog training every week to keep up Tora's training.

K9 North West


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  1. I'll take Benjamin if he's small like Rocco! hehehe



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