Sunday, February 6, 2011

What to get her for valentines

Every february my dad always asks me what he should get my mom. My answer is always "I dunno." For many people it is hard to pick out a special gift even for christmas or a birthday. There are so many choices its hard to decide what the person really likes.
To be safe all a man has to do for valentines day is pick out her favorite flowers and maybe throw in a box of chocolates. I think instead of the chocolates, pick out a piece of jewelry that can be personalized.
So heres the plan...
In the morning give her flowers and a cute heartfelt card. Throughout the day tell her how much she means to you and what makes her so special. Take her out to dinner and present her with your gift, which could be a necklace or a day at the spa. As long as you put your own personal flare she will love it.
There are many different gifts to choose from and maybe a little too many. So I have made a list of favorites just for you...

A great piece of jewelry you can personalize by picking a birthstone and an initial. It is simple, sweet, and it can match many outfits. A great gift for every woman.

I think pottery would be a cool and different valentines gift. It is creative and there are so many different uses for them. I like the heart shaped dishes which could be used for a jewelry dish or candy. I love the lace bowl. It is elegant and so stylish.

There are so many different styles of art that it can be matched with every personality, which I think makes it a great valentines gift. You can illustrate your love :D

Journals are a great way to express your feelings and to give one as a gift it shows that you care. I think a journal would make a great gift! Maybe you can write letters to each other. One year on the news I heard about a couple who wrote letters to each other everyday. They listed one thing they loved about the other and anything that bothered them. It kept them together and made their relationship longer. I think its so sweet!!

I think the best gift would be an experience. Take her out for a hike. Take her out to a museum. Play tourist for a day and see places you have never been to.

Hope it helps a little... Have an idea? leave it in a comment. Id love to hear it


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