Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Frigid Air

So in Washington temperatures are currently freezing with a 100% precipitation along with skirt flipping gusts of wind( if your that crazy to wear a skirt).

Waiting patiently for an okay day at least to take pictures.... ive learned that direct sunlight doesn't make the best photos so im waiting for the perfect overcast/sunny day. lol

Ive also noticed that my workspace is shrinking!! i have a small office in my house and the max number of people is 2! in order to fit somewhat comfortably. And then theres the dog that flops over and takes up all the floor so we can't roll our chairs anywhere.
Im surrounded by stars!! i should take a picture of my workspace its the worst!

sadly im not gonna have an office... my cousing moving in from Hawaii...shes gonna take this room. im happy shes moving but things are gonna be crazyy!!

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